H4-2 MKR Tactical 1600+ Lumen!!! CREE MKR diode, new Design!!!

CREE MK-R 1600 lumen 6 mode! At over 200 lumens/watt this is CREE's newest and most efficient diode!

  • 1 CREE MK-R 1,600 Lumen LED
    • 6-mode
    • Turns on to brightest 1,600 lumen mode
    • Changes mode with a light touch of the switch
    • Max mode of 1,600lumen
    • Medium mode of 500 lumen
    • Low mode of 60 lumen
    • Battery life on lowest mode over 48 hours!
    • Battery life on highest mode approximately 2 hours!
    • Fast Flashing mode 
    • SOS mode
    • Torch is able to stand on ground, has "anti-roll" switch, see pictures
    • Made with heavy duty aircraft grade aluminium
    • You will not find these anywhere but Greg McGee Engineering!! 
    • 6 mile visibility
    • LED Life 50,000+ hours
    • Constant on/off
    • Waterproof (see my light in my fish tank at bottom)

I highly recommend you buy the protected battery set if you don't have them for this light.  This light performs best with the tenergy protected battery set as they have extremely low internal resistance which will allow it to run on the highest mode for about an hour, as the protected batteries stay much cooler. 

Torch is able to stand on ground.  Made with aircraft grade aluminium 3 mile visibility LEDs can last for 50 000+ hours Constant on/off Waterproof Uses two 18650 battery Length: 15cm Weight: 135g (excluding batteries) Individually tested by Greg McGee Engineering prior to shipping from the U.S. (when purchased from Greg McGee) Fast USPS Priority Mail Shipping from Colorado as soon as order is placed.

H4-2 MKR Tactical 1600+ Lumen!!!  CREE MKR diode, new Design!!!
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