Luminus SST-50 1250 Lumen Light Set

Blazing bright Yezl SST-50 Luminus Diode Flashlight, with Yezl 18650 Charger and Two 2400mAh 18650 Batteries. Uses the US made LUMINUS SST - 50 LED diode, product assembled in China.  Approximate OTF (out the front) output is 1250 lumen. diode life-span 100,000 hours. Five modes with memory, acceptable voltage: 6 ~ 8.4 V (two 18650 batteries).  This is a friggin bright light and it has a good heavy feel, suitable for self defense. 

  • High Mode 1250 lumens: approximately 3 Amps
  • Medium Mode 800 lumens: approximately 800 mA
  • Low Mode 300 lumens: approximately 200 mA
  • Strobe Mode (strobes at 1250 lumens): approximately 1.2 Amp
  • SOS Mode (strobes at 1250 lumens): approximately 1.5 Amp average, 2.5 Amp peak

The diodes come from the USA, the light is built in China and individually tested and quality assured by Greg McGee in the USA!  All lights are shipped from Denver, CO so you can get it in about 2 days if you choose the Priority Mail option!

Luminus SST-50 1250 Lumen Light Set
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