M3-2 Tactical 740 Lumen 8 Mode!!!

Eight modes with a Cree MC-E LED:

8 mode:

  • Always switches on to normal mode of 200 lumen (like standard 1 mode torch)
  • Max mode of 740 lumen,
  • Fast Strobe (approximately 100Hz),
  • Low mode of 80 lumen,
  • Medium Strobe (approximately 5 Hz),
  • Slow Strobe (approximately 2Hz),
  • SOS Mode,
  • "Police Stobe" (modulated strobe, 100hz modulated on a 1Hz 1second duty cycle strobe).

3 mile visibility, made with aircraft grade aluminium, LEDs can last for 50 000+ hours, constant on/off, waterproof, uses one 18650 battery or two disposable CR123 3 volt batteries (rechargeable CR123 can never be trusted to start off in the normal 3 volt range so only use disposables!).

Individually tested by Greg McGee and shipped from Denver, Colorado for quick overnight to two day delivery (when priority mail is chosen as shipping method).

M3-2 Tactical 740 Lumen 8 Mode!!!
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