1,000 Lumen XM-L diode or 1,200 lumen XM-L2 diode available at checkout.  Features include tactical head, hard anodized black, knurled tailcap, anti-roll switch, heat sink is 1/8" inch bigger than M3-2I for a total length of 6&3/8". Slightly tighter beam (about 5 degrees) than the M3-2I. Comes with fortified glass lens.

Custom made for Greg McGee Engineering, hence the MC-G33 name!This is brighter and whiter than any M3-2 or P7-D out there, I guarantee it!!! I'll take the Pepsi challenge against anyone selling M3-2 "knockoff" lights or any P7-D "knockoff" lights because if they aren't coming from me they are knockoffs! Comes standard with the 1,000 lumen CREE XM-L single die LED and fortified glass!!! This is an authentic MTE product, I am the only authorized US distributor. If you think the other MTE products being sold on ebay are real ask the seller to give you the factory website and e-mail so you can check and see if it is real, then get back to me...

Uses only disposable 3.0 volt CR123 or one 18650 battery (not included). Extremely Bright! 10 watt CREE MC-E LED! Brand new in box! Fast USPS Priority Mail Shipping from Denver, CO USA not China!

I personally test every light before I ship! You will have your light in a couple days, not a couple weeks! Brand New in box! Great flashlight for the price! Very bright, not a toy! Tactical head! Do not look directly at light! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MIS-USE OF THIS ITEM. THE LIGHT CAN BE SEEN FOR LITERALLY MILES AND IS BLINDING BRIGHT! DO NOT POINT THIS LIGHT DIRECTLY INTO ONES EYES. DAMAGE CAN RESULT.

Features: 1,000 lumen XM-L LED (1,200 lumen XM-L2 option available at checkout).  Hard anodized aluminum. 6 modes, changes with a light touch of the switch:

  • CREE XM-L diode (XM-L2 option available at checkout)
  • Turns on to brightest 1,000 lumen mode (XM-L) or 1,200 for XM-L2
  • Fast "disorienting" strobe at 1,000 lumen 100Hz (approximate)
  • Medium mode of 500 lumen with MC-E, 600 with XM-L
  • Low mode of 100 lumen
  • Slow strobe 1,000 lumen 3Hz (approximate)
  • SOS Mode
  • length 6&17/64" (15.91cm)
  • Width at Head: 1&9/16" (3.97cm)
  • Width at Body Tube: 61/64" (2.42cm)
  • Weight Excluding Batteries 5.1oz (144g)

Battery life on lowest mode over 48 hours (depending on battery capacity). Flashlight is able to stand on ground, has "anti-roll" switch (see pictures), made with heavy duty aircraft grade aluminium and hard black anodization, break resistant polycarb lens.

At least 3 mile visibility, LEDs typical life over 50,000+ hours. Constant on/off, Waterproof (not a diving light), Uses two 3.0 volt disposable batteries (must be 3.0 volt like Surefire or high quality CR123) or 18650 rechargeable batteries.

Individually tested by Greg McGee and shipped from Denver, Colorado for quick overnight to two day delivery (when priority mail is chosen as shipping method).

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