Single AAA CREE Q5 Three Mode

These are new for 2011. This is the brightest single AAA flashlight on the market. With a normal AAA battery the output on hight is 90 lumens. You can use a 10440, though not recommended, which will increase the brightness to a blazing 130 lumen.  Water resistant and sealed at each chamber with o-rings.

With AAA battery:
  • high is 90lumen ,
  • weak is 15lumens,
  • and strobe frequency is 6Hz

With 10440 battery:

  • high is 130lumen ,
  • weak is 20lumens,
  • and strobe frequency is 6Hz
The Led is a CREE Q5.  Operates with a twist switch., Diameter: 1.4cm.
High quality black aluminum housing.
Use with a 10440 battery will void warranty, due to the poor regulation of most 10440 batteries.  Use 10440 batteries at your own risk.
Single AAA CREE Q5 Three Mode
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