U303 365nm Nichia "World Standard" UV LED Flashlight

This uses the powerful 365nm UV Nichia NVSU233A U365 diode, approximately 1030mw of UV LED Power!  The 365nm U-301 is the most powerful UV flashlight on the market. 

  • Power UV LED-class 1M Nichia NVSU233A diode 
  • Wavelength 365nm 
  • Uses Rechargeable 18650 lithium battery (battery not included)
  • Running time 4 hours
  • Length 153mm,Head Dia.40mm, weight 185g(with batteries)
  • Tail cap Tactical Switch
  • Designed for forensic applications, Prospecting, Sterilization
  • Coverage of up 35m,without dark spots or rings
  • Fiber and body fluid search
  • Durable Aluminium casing\water and shock

*Caution, UV light is harmful to eyes and skin. User must wear UV protective goggles. MTE and Greg McGee Engineering not responsible for misuse.

U303 365nm Nichia "World Standard" UV LED Flashlight
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